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Wellness for body and mind
Wellness for body and mind
Wellness for body and mind

Saunas that warm the heart

Transform stress into full relaxation and well-being for both body and mind. Strengthen your immune system and regenerate yourself in our sauna world.

Welcome to our kingdom of wellbeing, where time stops and the soul is purified. Our wellness centre is a precious treasure located in the splendid natural scenery of the Dolomites, offering a wellness experience of the highest standard.

Finnish sauna

The traditional Finnish sauna, with temperatures reaching 80°C, is an excellent opportunity to purify the body of toxins and acids, strengthen the immune system and promote physical and mental relaxation.

Turkish bath

The Turkish bath is a classic steam bath, the best therapy to combat stress and daily tension and remove impurities, giving brightness, elasticity and softness to your skin.

Foot hydromassage and multi-sensory showers

As you move from one sauna to the other, you can choose to sit down and relax comfortably on a heated bench whilst your feet are massaged with hot and cold water jets and salt from the Dead Sea. Then, we invite you to step into the multi-sensory showers, which will allow you to complete regenerate with their colours and aromas.


The hot-cold thermal shock of ice helps to stimulate and improve the blood circulation and the immune system.