Endless possibilities for bike lovers in Pozza di Fassa

The mountain bike paths and trails in the Fassa Valley are suitable for beginners as well as experts – The main events are the “Sella Ronda Hero” and the “Sella Ronda Bike Day””

A family may rent mountain bikes and safely go on the off-road bike paths found along the valley. There is also the possibility of travelling on the easy off-road bike paths and take advantage of the bus to return without any effort. The more daring can try the famous Sella Ronda and tour around the Sella massif on a mountain bike. Climb with the lifts specifically adapted for bike transportation and descend along paths of rare beauty. The Fassa Valley also offers the opportunity of descending with downhill bikes specifically built for thrilling descents. If desired, you may also be accompanied by a guide that will show you the right techniques to safely tackle a descent with jumps, bottlenecks and bridges.

For bike road lovers, don’t miss the opportunity of participating in the “Sella Ronda Bike Day”, a day where the Dolomite passes are closed and one can bike up the famous Pordoi, Sella, Gardena and Campolongo passes in deafening silence making the effort even more pleasurable for the soul.

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